A State of Emergency is hereby declared in the Village of Walden, County of Orange, for a period of time beginning at 6:00PM hours on the date of 5/15/18 and continuing for a period not to exceed seven (7) days and ending at 7:00AM hours on May 22, 2018.

The State of Emergency has been declared due to the damages caused by today’s storm. Such conditions threaten or imperil public safety of the residents of this municipality.

As Chief Executive Officer of this municipality, I have exercised the authority given to me under New York State Executive Law, Article 2-B, to preserve public safety and hereby render all required and available assistance vital to the security, well being and health of the citizens of this community.

I hereby direct the Departments of Police, Public Works, and Recreation and Parks, and such other essential personnel which may be needed, to take whatever steps necessary to protect life and property, public infrastructure and other such emergency assistance as deemed necessary.


Signed: ________________________________                                                                                           John J. Revella, Esq., Village Manager

            15 May 2018