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Here are some frequently asked questions we receive…

Village Clerk

How do I make an FOIL (Freedom of Information Law) request?

The Village Clerk handles all FOIL requests. Click Here to access the Village Clerk’s page and the necessary forms.

Where can I park in the Village?

Unless there is a snow emergency, parking is available on most streets as signed. The Walden Business Association created the following map that highlights downtown parking areas.

Where can I obtain a copy of a birth or death certificate?

The Village Clerk handles certificates for births and deaths that occurred within the village. Click Here to access the Village Clerk’s page and the necessary forms.

Where can I obtain a copy of a marriage certificate?

The Town of Montgomery Clerk handles marriage certificates.

How do I apply for a Block Party Permit?

Submit the  block party request form to the Village Clerk

How do I get a copy of the agendas and minutes from public meetings?
Is there a Notary Public available at Village Hall?

Yes!  The Village Clerk, Deputy Village Clerk, Village Manager, Deputy Treasurer all hold a Notary Public license for the convenience of the public.  Please come during normal office hours (Monday-Thursday 7:30am-4:30pm & Friday 8am-12pm) or call the Village Clerk (845) 778-2177 ext. 1503. There is no fee associated for notary services.  Please be advised that wills cannot be notarized unless in the presence of an attorney per NYS Notary Laws.

How do I apply for a park, field & facility permit?
Where can I find information regarding elections?

You can monitor the local papers or contact the Village Clerk’s Office.

Water/Sewer & DPW Services

How can I submit a service request online?

Service Requests can be submitted right here. Service requests should be used to report maintenance concerns (e.g. roads, sidewalks, catch basins, parks, etc.) to the Village Manager.

For Street light outages use NYSEG’s online form or call them at 1-800-572-1111 (please have pole location available) – if no action is taken within reasonable time frame, contact the Village Clerk to follow up.

Where can I log in to check my Water Usage?

If your water meter has been upgraded to a new Badger Meter as part of our village-wide initiative, you can access your account at For questions on how to register, visit the DPW page.

When are water/sewer bills issued and when are they due?

Quarterly Water/Sewer Billing Service Periods:
March Invoice – Due March 31st
June Invoice – Due June 30th
September Invoice – Due September 30th
December Invoice – Due December 31st
The quarterly bill will indicate the actual service period your account is being billed for.

Please note unpaid water/sewer balances will be subject to a 10% Penalty. In addition, your water service may be subject to turn off for non-payment and other fees may be assessed. Please be sure to respond to postcards left by the Water Department to ensure your account is being billed for the most accurate meter readings.

Water Service may be turned off at the curb upon written request of the owner and payment of water shut off fee. Please be advised there is a minimum quarterly bill for all water/sewer accounts even if they are shut off at the curb.

All unpaid balances as of April 30th each year will be levied onto the Village property’s taxes due in June annually.

How do I request a final water reading or cancel commercial garbage service?

Submit the Property closing form to the Finance Department at least 7 days prior to the closing date.  

When is hydrant flushing done and how will it affect my residence?

Semi-Annual Fire Hydrant flushing takes place the entire months of APRIL and OCTOBER and could happen at any time during normal business hours Monday-Friday 7:30am-3:30pm.  We apologize for any inconvenience, but this is necessary to remove debris that naturally accumulates in the mains.  During this time your water may be discolored, but it will be safe to drink.  There may also be reduced pressure at times due to water flow and closing of valves throughout the distribution system. 

Please consider waiting until after 6pm to do laundry to avoid discolored water in your residence please attempt to use as little water as possible during the flushing hours.  If you do experience discolored water that affects your white laundry please stop by Village Hall, 3rd Floor to pick up Red-B-Gone, an additive you can use to rewash the affected clothing that will remove the rust & iron stains.

Call the Water Department with any additional questions (845) 778-2177 ext.1522

What is the Water Meter Replacement Project?

The Village of Walden began a Village wide water meter replacement project in 2016 that will be done in phases over a period of about 3-4 years as our budget allows for each of the approximately 2,400 residences. The Water Department will come to your residence to speak to you in person or leave you a “please call us” card in order to set up a convenient appointment to come into your home and add a cellular device to your meter, completely free of charge. This feature will allow all users to set up alerts for low temperatures, high usage and/or low usage at your location. Users will also be able to view their consumption daily online with the Eye On Water website.

If you wish to speak with someone about this project, please call the Water Department at 845-778-2177 x1522 or contact the water department by email at

What are the water/sewer rates?

Per Resolution 29-14-15 of the Village of Walden Board of Trustees (adopted 4/21/15) effective May 1, 2015 Water/Sewer customer rates will be increased as follows for each metered user:

Users Inside Village Limits:
Water: $10.00 per quarter for a basic usage service fee plus $4.50 per 100 cubic feet with a minimum quarterly charge of $14.50.

Sewer: $12.00 per quarter for a basic usage service fee plus $5.25 per 100 cubic feet with a minimum quarterly charge of $17.25.

Users Outside Village Limits:
Water: $10.00 per quarter per metered service connection as and for a basic usage service fee plus $9.50 per 100 cubic feet with a minimum quarterly charge of $19.50.

Sewer: $12.00 per quarter for a basic usage service fee plus $10.50 per 100 cubic feet with a minimum quarterly charge of $22.50.

This increase was first reflected in the September 2015 Water/Sewer invoices as it took effect during the Water/Sewer usage period beginning May 1, 2015.

**Please be advised that the minimum quarterly fee of $31.75 – for users inside the Village limits – OR $64.00 – for users outside of the Village limits – will be charged to all metered users regardless of whether or not there is any water usage at a property or if the water is turned off at the curb to a property.**

Who do I call if my water pressure is low or if I suspect a leak?

Low pressure/flow could be caused by many factors.  Check to see if you have an in-line water filter, if so, try changing the filter.  If you have a water softener try putting it on bypass and see if the pressure/flow increases, if it does increase you could have an issue with your water softener or it could be trying to regenerate the material in the water softener and the timing may need to be adjusted. 

If you have eliminated those potential issues and still feel there is low pressure/flow, please call the Superintendent at (845) 778-2177 ext 1521 or email him at

What do I do if my sewer line appears clogged?

An outside professional would need to be consulted (ie: plumber).  If a clean out exists on the outside of your home try opening it and snaking out the lateral.  Please keep in mind the sewer lines from the main to the structure are the responsibility of the property owner.

If you still feel there is a problem with the Village sewer main, please call the Superintendent at (845) 778-2177 ext 1521 or email him at 

Garbage Services

What do I do if my garbage/recycling toter is missing, needs repairs, or if my pick up was missed?

Call or email the Village Clerk to discuss any residential garbage concerns including missed pick ups, toter replacement or repairs.  (845) 778-2177 ext.1501 or 

How and when do I dispose of leaves and yard debris?

Yard Waste is picked up on Thursdays from April thru November (or later, weather permitting) and should be put out Wednesday evenings for Thursday morning pick up.

Yard waste clippings (grass/leaves) may be put in Paper Lawn Bags or in regular garbage cans with the lids left off so the garbage company can clearly see it is yard waste in the can. Any sticks or branches must be bundled together in no more than 4 foot lengths. 

For out of season pick-ups, you may contact the local Transfer Station or a private firm.

When will my garbage/bulk pick-up be?

Garbage should be put out Monday evening for Tuesday pick up. Single Stream Recycling should be put out Tuesday night for Wednesday pick up.  Check the Village Events page or the Village bi-monthly calendar for pick up changes due to holidays.

Semi-Annual Walden Bulk Pick Up – The Village of Walden provides two Bulk Pick Up opportunities for each residential neighborhood located in the Village; once in April and once in October, check the Village Events page or the Village bi-monthly calendar for exact dates and details of what items are permitted to be left curbside.


What types of recyclables does the Garbage company collect?

Starting in 2011, we are using Single Stream Recycling. Click here for details.


Who do I contact for building permits and certificates of occupancy?
Can I pay my parking ticket online?

Please contact the Court Clerk for credit card options (845) 778-2177 ext.1507

Contact a Department Directly

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John Revella

1 Municipal Square Walden, NY 12586
(845) 778-2177 ext. 1500 | Send Email

Hours by appointment

Marisa Kraus

1 Municipal Square Walden, NY 12586 Monday-Thursday 7:30am-4:30pm and Fridays 8:00am-12:00pm (845) 778-2177 ext. 1503 | Send Email Deputy Village Clerk, Christine Sciurca  (845)778-2177 ext. 1501 | Send Email Fax number: 845-778-2170

Robert J. Wallner

33 Scofield Street Walden, NY 12586
Phone – (845) 778-2177 ext. 1515 | Send Email
Fax – (845) 778-2108

Hours: Monday-Friday 7am-3pm

Darlene Ciardullo, Building Department Secretary
(845)778-2177 ext. 1505 | Send Email

, Code Enforcement Officer
(845)778-2177 ext. 1506 | Send Email

Michael BlissParks and Rec Logo

Recreation Coordinator
1 Municipal Square Walden, NY 12586
(845) 778-2177 ext. 1523 | send email

Hours By Appointment

Anthony Romeo, Program Director
(845) 778-2177 ext. 1524

Christopher Rooney, Parks Department

Jean Degon

1 Municipal Square Walden, NY 12586 (845) 778-2177 ext. 1502 | Send Email Hours: Monday-Thursday 7:30am-4:30pm & Fridays 8am-12pm Deputy Village Treasurer, Maria Tapia  (845)778-2177 ext. 1514 | Send Email Deputy Village Treasurer, Christine Sciurca (845)778-2177 ext. 1501 | Send Email

Justice Raynard A. Ozman

1 Municipal Square Walden, NY 12586
Phone: (845) 778-2177 ext. 1507 | Fax: (845) 778-2399

Hours: Monday – Friday 7:30am-3:30pm

Court Clerk AnnMarie Maruca (send email)

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