Justice Court

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Justice Raynard A. Ozman

1 Municipal Square Walden, NY 12586
Phone: (845) 778-2177 ext. 1507 | Fax: (845) 778-2399

Court Clerk Gayle Smith (send email)

The court office is open Monday through Friday, 7am – 3:30pm

Please be mindful that proper attired is required in the court room.  Please do not bring cell phones into the court room as they are not permitted in any New York State court regardless if they are powered off.  Unfortunately, the Village does not have a place for cell phones to be stored while court is in session and will not be responsible for lost or stolen items.

Traffic court is held the second Tuesday of each month at 6pm in the Bradley Assembly Room, 3rd Floor Municipal Building.

Criminal Court is held the second and fourth Wednesday of each month at 4:30pm in the Bradley Assembly Room, 3rd Floor Municipal Building.

About the Justice Court

Justice Court is the first level trial court of New York State’s Unified Court System. Many New Yorkers will have their first and only court experience in a town or village court. The justices respond to calls from law enforcement officers on a twenty four hour, seven day a week schedule.

Justice Court has preliminary jurisdiction over felony cases and exclusive jurisdiction over misdemeanor cases, pending divestiture to the County Court. Small claims and civil cases up to $3,000.00 are also handled in Justice Court.

Associate Justice Mishk Court Clerk Smith
Bio: Gerald Mishk Jr, Associate Village Justice

Judge Mishk grew up in Cold Spring, NY. He moved to the Village of Walden in 1984 with his wife, where they raised two children. The Judge is a retired Detective Sergeant from the City of Middletown Police Department after 27 years of distinguished service. He was a detective for most of that time and was a decorated officer, including the Department’s Purple Heart, which he received after a serious line of duty injury. It was this injury that forced his retirement.

Judge Mishk served as a Trustee after being appointed in March of 2013 to the Village of Walden Board of Trustees for almost 5 years before being appointed in 2017 as Associate Village Justice. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Labor Relations, and has extensive experience in contract negotiations.

The Judge also devotes some of his free time to volunteer work.