JANUARY 26, 2017

Albany, NY

Governor Cuomo Announces Record 2016 Sales For E-Zpass on-the-Go

Governor Cuomo Announces Record 2016 Sales For…

More Than 100,000 Thruway E-Z Pass Tags Sold Across New York in 2016, Marking All-Time High For Annual Sales

 Thruway E-Zpass Offers Motorists Non-Stop Travel and Discounted Tolls

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced that 107,625 Thruway E-ZPass On-The-Go tags were sold in 2016 by retailers across the state. The 2016 sales break all previous records since the program was created in 2005. The On-The-Go program allows busy travelers to open a Thruway E-ZPass account, without filling out an application, by purchasing a tag at retail stores.
“E-ZPass helps cut down on travel time, has built-in toll discounts, and, through the On-the-Go program, is easier than ever to sign up and get moving,” Governor Cuomo said. “I encourage any motorist without an E-ZPass to pick one up and help save time and money.”
Customers can go to a participating location and purchase a prepackaged tag for $25. Once a customer registers their On-The-Go tag either online or by phone, the full $25 is credited to their account, and the tag becomes active in 24 hours. E-ZPass On-The-Go allows the customer to receive the tag immediately, without waiting seven to 10 days to receive it in the mail.

New York E-ZPass customers save an additional five percent off the cash toll rate each time they travel the Thruway and may be eligible for additional toll discounts, depending on their travel, vehicle or residence. In 2015, 86,500 On-The-Go tags were sold.
“By offering E-ZPass On-The-Go tags at many convenient locations, including grocery stores and municipal buildings, we make it extremely simple for our motorists to sign up for E-ZPass and enjoy toll discounts and non-stop travel on the Thruway,” said Thruway Authority Acting Executive Director Bill Finch. “With that accessibility, it’s clear why more than two thirds of Thruway motorists are E-ZPass customers.
The E-ZPass On-The-Go retail program was piloted in 2005 in a handful of Thruway Service Areas, and has now grown to include more than 185 individual retailers selling E-ZPass at more than 750 locations statewide. Since 2011, E-ZPass tag sales at retail locations have increased by 75 percent.
Purchasing an E-ZPass at one of the many retail locations is now the number one way customers are opening E-ZPass accounts.
The Thruway Authority helped to first establish E-ZPass in 1993 in an effort to create an integrated electronic tolling system that today helps to streamline the toll payment process for motorists in 16 different states.
Purchase an E-ZPass tag at a retail location near you.


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