These are the Board of Trustees Agendas and Minutes for 2006. Click on the link below to access the PDF files.

Date Agenda Minutes
05-Jan-06 Download
10-Jan-06 Download
24-Jan-06 Download
07-Feb-06 – Joint Meeting Download
14-Feb-06 Download
28-Feb-06 Download
14-Mar-06 Download
28-Mar-06 Download
11-Apr-06 Download
25-Apr-06 Download
09-May-06 Download
23-May-06 Download
14-Jun-06 Download
27-Jun-06 Download
11-Jul-06 Download
13-Jul-06 Download
25-Jul-06 Download
08-Aug-06 Download
31-Aug-06 Download
11-Sep-06 – Special Meeting Download
12-Sep-06 Download
26-Sep-06 Download
10-Oct-06 Download
24-Oct-06 Download
14-Nov-06 Download
28-Nov-06 Download
12-Dec-06 Download

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