Capital Projects

The Village of Walden Capital Improvement Program Review

In 1998, the Village Board of Trustees set a goal to develop a five-year capital improvement plan (CIP) to strategically plan for the improvement of our infrastructure, the maintenance of our public and recreational facilities, and replace our rapidly aging equipment and vehicles. That plan has been followed with great success into a second five-year CIP. As we are ending our second five-year cycle, we will maintain this program and begin planning our third CIP.

As critical water and sewer systems components are being repaired, replaced or updated, we now can begin planning for more extensive replacements of our water and sewer distribution and collection systems piping when road renovations are planned.

The replacement of our vehicle fleet and equipment has proven itself with lower repair costs and less down-time of critical highway and police equipment. The Village has adopted and implemented its Comprehensive Plan, a Main Street Initiative, a Railroad Place Initiative with a mixed use redevelopment plan and its active research and lobbying for Commuter Rail Service into the Village. In the coming months we will begin the development of a Parks Comprehensive Plan to help us better serve the recreational and leisure needs of the community.