In January 2017 the Walden Police Department started participating in the NYS Prescription Drop Box Program. Working with CVS pharmacy who provided the medication collection unit, NY National Guard and the Orange County Police Chief’s Association, the Village of Walden has become a site to drop off prescription drugs for disposal. Unused, expired or otherwise unwanted medications can be dropped off in the bright red MedReturn Drug Collection Unit in the entrance way of the Walden Municipal Building’s entrance by the police department. This will create a safe, responsible and anonymous disposal for prescription drug items.

Accepted Items:
Prescription patches
Prescription Medicine
Prescription Ointments
Over The Counter Medicines
Medications for Pets
Medicine Samples

Not Accepted:
Hydrogen Peroxide
Needles (Sharps)
Medicine from businesses or clinics
Non prescription ointments, lotions or any liquids
Aerosol cans