To our Residents who may have seen dead deer in the area. I ask that you please read the below from the information we received from the DEC noting that we should not panic:
“Last month, people started finding dead white-tailed deer in the Mid Hudson Valley. Now, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation is testing remains of deer from Orange, Ulster, and Dutchess counties for a viral disease. Kevin Hynes, a DEC wildlife biologist with the wildlife health unit in Delmar, says the virus isn’t contagious to people or pets but he does have other concerns for you to keep in mind…
Neither EHD nor BTV affects humans. EHD is transmitted by biting midges (genus Culicoides), known as “no-see-ums,” or gnats that breed and live in small pools of standing water. Clinical signs or symptoms of the disease may include not eating, weakness, loss of fear of humans, circling, and other neurological signs.”
Please report any dead deer in the Village of Walden to DPW. Thank you.
John Revella, Village Manager