Walden Police Department

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Chief William R. Herlihy

1 Municipal Square Walden, NY 12586
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The Walden Village Police Department is a 24/7 operation that employs a full-time chief, full-time Sergeants, full-time Patrol Officers, a full-time Investigator and up to fifteen part-time Patrol Officers. There are three full-time and various part-time Dispatchers that operate our 24 hour a day communications area. 

Our village is approximately four square miles of mostly dense populated neighborhoods which we patrol with six marked patrol vehicles, two Raleigh F500 and two Cannondale Police bicycles.  There is a foot-patrol that walks, or a bike-patrol that rides the Main Street area from 6:00PM until Midnight.   

The Village of Walden is located within the Town of Montgomery, County of Orange, approximately 60 miles North of New York City.

About the Chief

My name is William Herlihy and I am in my 28th year of law enforcement. I began my career as a Police Academy recruit for the Orange County Sheriff’s Office in 1993. Upon graduating the Police Academy in 1994, I accepted a part-time police officer position with the Village of Walden Police Department. In 1995 I accepted a full-time police officer position with the Town of Wallkill Police Department. In November of 2000, I left the Town of Wallkill Police Department and continued my career with the Village of Walden Police Department. I was promoted to the rank of Sergeant in Walden in 2012. On July 31st 2020 I was appointed as Provisional Chief after the retirement of Chief Jeff Holmes. On October 28th 2020 I accepted the position of Permanent Chief of Police for the Village of Walden Police Department. In addition, I am the Chief of Police for the Village of Montgomery Police Department.

I am incredibly grateful for this wonderful opportunity to continue to provide a high level of professionalism and integrity to the citizens of the Village of Walden as well as to our surrounding communities.

One of my top priorities as Police Chief, is to continue the excellent work that we have accomplished over the past several years under Chief Holmes and our dedicated officers. We currently have 2 full-time Sergeants, 9 full-time patrol officers and 13part time patrol officers. We have 3 full time police dispatchers and 9 part time police dispatchers. Our officers and staff in the Village of Walden are dedicated to serving the citizens of the Village and to enhancing the quality of life in the Village by working in partnership with the community to enforce the law, preserve peace, protect the people, reduce fear, and maintain order. As such, we will continue to concentrate on building a stronger partnership with our community members. Our number one priority is always the safety and well being of our citizens.

In addition, as Chief my ultimate goal is to obtain accreditation status for the Agency. I will be working on the Governor’s Executive Order #203. I would also like to bring back additional foot patrols and bike patrols. I truly believe that having our officers out and about within the Village helps us to better connect with our business owners, citizens and guests. I think people feel safer and more secure when they see regular patrols throughout the Village, especially once the warmer weather arrives and many residents both young and old are enjoying all that the Village of Walden has to offer. I think this also instills a sense of community and partnership between our citizens and our Police department.

Again, I am incredibly proud to take over as Chief of Police for the Village of Walden. I as well as our officers are committed to working diligently with the utmost professionalism and fairness to all residents in the Village and our neighboring communities.

History of the PD
  • Prior to 1869 the police work in the Village of Walden was handled by Town Constables.  In that year Mordecai Homan was appointed Village Marshall at an annual salary of fifty dollars.  He resided at 35 Walnut Street and it is reported that when arrests were made, his prisoners were confined in the woodshed at the rear of his house or in the cellar of his home until he could arrange for conveyance to transfer the prisoners to the county jail.  These conditions prevailed until the completion of the Fire Department Building some months later which stood on the site of the present Municipal Building.  A village jail was provided in the rear of this building.

  • In 1890 Levi M. Williams Sr., was appointed our first village policeman.  Case Lake and Abe Evans were appointed special policemen and this became our first real Police Department.  In those days helmets were worn instead of police caps and they were colored blue and gray.

  • Later, George Ronk became Chief of Police and a fully uniformed department was inaugurated.

  • In April, 1922, George Totty joined the police force and in April, 1927, he was appointed acting Chief of Police.

  • George Ward then took over the reins of the Walden Police Department as Chief of Police.

  • Townsend Cocks, who joined the force in 1934, was appointed Sergeant in February, 1954 and Chief of Police in October, 1959.  He retired in April of 1968.

  • Edwin Sutherland became Chief of Police in April, 1968 and retired in February, 1979.

  • Sergeant Edward Eisley was appointed acting Chief in February, 1979

  • June 7, 1960 – The installation of a radio system was accomplished and was located  in the Village Office then located in the Municipal Building.  Dispatching was done by Village Office employees.

  • July 23, 1968 – Twenty Six pages of Rules and Regulations replaced one page policy in effect since 1951.  Rules and Regulations were expanded to 39 pages in 1980.

  • September, 1969 – Donna Quick was hired as our first women police officer.

  • June 1, 1970 – First P.B.A. contract signed.

  • October, 1973 – Police Department offices enlarged.

  • April, 1974 – Burglar and Fire Alarm system installed in Police Station.

  • December, 1974 – Operation Reassurance was started for the elderly.

  • November, 1977 – New radar and alcohol detection devices were acquired from New York States Department of Criminal Justice Services, Bureau for Municipal Police, and selective enforcement program instituted.

  • December 2002 – Accreditation process begins.


Calls for Service by Month

Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total
2006 355 290 348 361 400 377 460 487 443 467 352 381 4721
2007 375 329 386 435 425 420 408 364 402 419 337 373 4673
301 311 377 392 404 376 369 313 322 310 536 4342
2009 554 459 541 522 578 549 462 475 434 464 442 438 5918
2010 498 563 636 469 604 594 604 629 568 440 540 516 6661
2011 612 488 546 491 668 530 670 547 680 522 494 489 6737
2012 400 1231 1422 1200 1172 884 1038 908 868 837 900 810 11670
2013 1006 939 1138 994 1247 1035 1168 1144 1018 937 1101 1023 12750
2014 910 755 776 787 914 858 967 959 969 808 707 684 10094
2015 919 856 956 945 1012 878 887 958 935 911 972 1039 11268