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Operation Reassurance is a program that was developed in December of 1974 for the elderly, and persons with medical conditions. The citizen contacts our police department by phone anytime before noon.  If we do not hear from them by that time, we contact the emergency contact(s) for that person.  Typically, that emergency contact is a family member or a neighbor who can act as a key holder.  If the contact is unable to verify the citizen’s status, we ourselves attempt entry to the citizen’s residence to assure that they are in good condition.

This program has been successful over the years.  There is no limit to the number of citizens on our call in list, and the program is free of charge.  The sign up form can be accessed below, or by calling our police department.

There are four (4) requirements that must be met in order to be placed on Operation Reassurance.  They are as follows:

1) The person must want the service

2) The person must live alone

3) The person must live in the Village of Walden

4) The person must have a phone