Residents of the Village of Walden:

Due to the severity of the impending snowstorm, anticipated to begin on Wednesday afternoon, December 16 and continue through Thursday morning, December 17, please be mindful of the Village of Walden‘s snow parking policy.

It shall be unlawful for any person to place, park or leave any automobile, truck or other vehicle on any public road or street within the corporate limits of the Village of Walden, New York, after a fall or precipitation of snow of two inches or more as measured at the Fireman’s Square at the intersection of Orchard and Scofield streets, unless such automobile, truck or other vehicle is at all times attended by and in the charge of a person capable of operating it. Such parking prohibition shall remain in effect until the snowfall has ceased and all snow has been removed or cleared from such public road or street and a declaration ending the snow parking policy has been made by the Chief of Police. All parked or unattended vehicles remaining on any public road or street in violation of this provision shall be towed away by the police department at the owner’s expense.

Until the snow parking policy is lifted there is no parking on any public road or street in the village. Please check back on the village website ( or call the village hotline at 845-778-4919 to find out when the snow parking policy has been lifted. Please be advised that plows will still be out on the roads until this policy has been lifted. After it is lifted, residents have 24 hours to remove snow or ice from Village sidewalks to avoid potential fines.

Residents may utilize the Village municipal parking lots during the storm however upon the lifting of the snow parking policy and posting of signage for snow removal of the lots, vehicles must be removed accordingly and any vehicles in violation of said signage will be ticketed and towed at the owner’s expense.