A winding 200 mile running relay is making a stop in Walden (Thruway Market Parking Lot Exchange #9)

Go to www.RagnarRelay.com & click on the “New York” drop down menu to learn more!

These exchanges are where fast-paced activity takes place. Vans drive up & drop off a runner and get ready to pick up previous runners (2000 runners can be anticipated over a 10 hour period). They then have to leave and head to the next exchange. The leg after Walden is very long, so the teams have about an hour to visit Walden! There is a Community Challenge wherein the “favorite” stop is awarded a Grant to help kids stay active & healthy. It will take a great effort to make our Exchange “memorable” please contact the Walden Community Council or Walden Business Association thru their websites or facebook pages if you would like to help!

This isn’t your average 10K or half marathon, this is Ragnar! To learn more about running overnight relays read the What is Ragnar? page.

Walden will be exchange #9 for this race (http://www.ragnarrelay.com/race/newyork/legs/9)