The Village of Walden has begun a spirited, community- based campaign to cut fossil fuel emissions by 10%. This campaign is called the 10% Challenge and it will feature a program called Green Jobs Green New York. This program allows for residents to take advantage of FREE ENERGY AUDITS provided through NYSERDA.

Also offered will be financing opportunities to pay for energy efficient improvements through your monthly savings that will be shown through your FREE ENERGY AUDIT.
For more information on how to obtain a FREE ENERGY AUDIT please call Village Hall at 845.778.2177 after 5pm and press 5 to leave a message on our Village voicemail.

If you would like to be a part of our 10% Challenge Committee please contact Mayor Brian Maher at 845.667.2949 or
Our next committee meeting will take place on Thursday April 7th at 7pm in the Bradley Assembly Room on the 3rd floor of Village Hall.
~ Brian Maher